5 days kitesurf course in Tarifa.

Expert kite course in Tarifa. "From Zero to Hero!!"

The 5-days course of kite is the ultimate course to learn everything about kitesurfing. You will be independent and you will end your course knowing how to kitesurf in both directions and also up-wind (wherever you want). The main difference between this 5-days course and a course of 3 days is that in 3 days you make your first meters over the board certainly one way, but in a 5-days course you'll end up kiting both ways safely, without falling too much =) and also up-wind.

In a five-day course you will learn:
kitesurf courses tarifaDay-1, Day-2 and Day-3.
kitesurf courses tarifaImprove water-start technique.
kitesurf courses tarifaImprove kite, body and board position.
kitesurf courses tarifaKite up-wind!
kitesurf courses tarifaYou will become a new kiter on the beach!!

Group Prices (max. 4 persons and 2 kites):
15h course: 295€/person
20h course: 380€/person

Semi-private Course (2 persons in closed group):
15h course: 420€/person
20h course: 570€/person

Everything is included on price. Equipment, transport (if needed), insurance, rescue boat (when conditions require it) and lots of fun! All you need to bring are sunglasses, sunscreen and desire to have fun!

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