Kitesurf equipment hire in Tarifa.

Kites, kiteboards and Kitesurf accessories rentals in Tarifa.

With Kite Fun Tarifa you can rent equipment when you finish your kitesurf course! Also, if you travel to Tarifa and dont want to pay extra on the plane or you just do not want to complicate with kite sizes, boards ... just contact us and let us advise you and equip you with the latest models of North Kiteboarding 2014. We have everything you could need!

Kitesurf equipment rentals with Kite Fun Tarifa:
kite center tarifaGo kiting always with the right size of kite, boards...everything that suits your style and level!
kite center tarifaRentals and supervision. Rent and go relaxed to enjoy cos you'll always have someone who will help you there!
kite center tarifaTry latest models of North Kiteboarding

Full equipment (kite + bar + kiteboard + harnes): 70€
Kite + Bar: 45€
Kiteboard: 18€
Accessories: 15€

Contact us for more days! Do not hesitate and contact us for anything you need!

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You can contact us through our email: [email protected], telephone 0034 661 09 42 60 or use our form!